George Steele's

Piper's Friend™

Incredibly efficient, easy to use and clean.

The heart of your pipes

Not just another invention, but the invention of the decade that will assist Pipers in controlling the amount of moisture that affects the bag and reeds.


Controls the moisture affecting the reeds and allows for quick rotation of the Piper's Friend™ Insert allowing for cleaning and sterilisation.

Blowing Control

Enabling all levels of Pipers to control their steady blowing and overall assist in the control of tone of the bagpipes.


Simple design that is easily interchanged with the blow stick that won't affect the design of your existing bagpipes and accommodates existing ferrules.

Easy Maintainance

Quick and clear access to the bag, free of obstructions to maintain it to high standards of cleanliness.

Extended Life

Improving and extending the life of the bag by reducing moisture build up, whether synthetic or natural.

Help & Support

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What our customers are saying...

"Really impressed with your new invention. No restriction at all, and no water gets into the bag, anyone who buys this is sure of a water tight investment."
Donald MacDonald
Pipe Major Sgoil Liniclate
"I've had (the Piper's Friend™) in for just a couple of weeks and I think it's fabulous! My tutor was very impressed! Thank you so much!"
April Sutherland
Sutherland Schools Pipe Band
"I've been playing with the new water trap for the last week.  It works like a charm!  Easy to install, easy to clean, extremely efficient in terms of air flow and, the most important part.....highly effective at preventing the build up of excess moisture within the bag. The 'beads' in the Bannatyne drying system which I use for the drones last longer without having to dry the beads.  And, the chanter reed gets just the right amount of moisture to keep it rich and balanced.  I've tried every system going, and this is definitely the most effective and advanced I've been able to use."
Bob Worrall
World Class Piper, Judge at the World Pipe Band Championships, and Teacher
"This has been a major development in moisture control and a huge step forward for the bagpipe industry, and hopefully a true Piper's Friend™."
George Steele
"I purchased the Piper's Friend™ water trap from Kenny down at McCallums a couple of months ago. Fantastic water trap that keeps my bag 90% drier than the Bannatyne bottle trap that I had installed. Where I had a problem as a “wetblower” was all the moisture that entered my bag and going onto my pipe chapter Reed caused me problems. Piper's Friend™ has cured that . I can now play in confidence knowing the inside of my bag isn’t as wet with moisture. So thanks for inventing this."
Derek Owen
Satisfied Customer

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George Steele


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