How the Piper's Friend™ Works

The Piper’s Friend™ is an innovative response to the problem of moisture control in playing the bagpipes.

Piper's Friend Design

Piper's Friend™ Complete Double Stock

With so many different designs to try and reduce the moisture in the bag and reeds, George Steele designed a system that requires little disruption to the bagpipe setup while being hygienic and easy to access.

The Piper’s Friend™ fits between the bag and the blowpipe in the form of a double stock. It can be produced with or without a ferrule and will suit any bag once fitted.

The double stock houses the ingenious Water Trap system that allows air to pass through with ease but filters moisture from the air as it passes the intricate veins.

Piper's Friend™ Water Trap Veins

Removal and assembly are as simple as pulling the double stock and blowpipe apart and removing the Water Trap and then replacing a clean trap and resembling again.

Removal and Replacing the Water Trap

The Water Trap can be cleaned in washing up liquid or something like Milton to ensure that it is germ-free and ready for your next piping session.

No more invasive hunting inside your bag or stopping play for long periods of time. A simple, quick solution to a problem that has plagued pipers for many years.

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