About the Inventor

Hi, I am George Steele, inventor and developer of the Piper’s Friend™. This has been a long time in the making and I am so grateful to share my invention with you.

I have been piping since I was a young lad on the Isle of South Uist and from those early days I wanted to find a solution to issues with Piper’s who were getting sick and passing away because of the build up of bacteria in their bagpipes.

Well here it is, the Piper’s Friend™, and I cannot wait for you to try it!

Who Am I

A South Uist Piper, American and Scottish Retired Policeman and the inventor of the revolutionary Piper’s Friend™.

My Mission

To eradicate the harmful moisture build up in bagpipes and eradicate Piper’s Lung for good.

What I Do

Today, I still play my bagpipes but with renewed enthusiasm for changing the lives of many people.

My History

It all started many many years ago on the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, where I was born to a small crofting family in North Boisdale.

When working on my Uncle’s croft, I found the bottom part of a practice chanter in his kitchen drawer. I pulled a few straws from the corn stack, shaped them into a reed, and began to play a tune I had heard my father play many times.

I didn’t realise that my piping would take me to places I had yet to discover…

  • My auntie married Willie Walker, ex Lovats Scouts, and top bagpipe player on the island of South Uist, later becoming the Principle Teacher for all the schools throughout the island.
  • Learning under Pipe Major Neil MacMillan, South Uist, 4/5 Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders T. A.
  • I took lessons from retired Pipe Major John Mac Donald, City of Glasgow Police Pipe Band
  • I took a break from the Merchant Navy and drove buses in the city of Glasgow during which time I had lessons with Pipe Major Donald Mac Leod, Seaforth Highlanders Army
  • Whilst a member of the Glasgow Corporation Pipe Band under Pipe Major Duncan Johnston, followed by Pipe Major Iain Mac Fadyen, being influenced greatly by their professionalism and piping abilities
  • I emigrated to America to join the Worcester Kilty Pipe Band, under Pipe Major Bob Burnet, the number 1 pipe band in the USA at the time.
  • As a result of meeting members of the Denny and Dunny Pace Pipe Band, Washington DC, under the directorship of Frank Early, Bob Carey, and Pipe Major Bill Logan, I was offered an opportunity I couldn’t refuse and promptly moved to Washington DC.
  • Shortly thereafter, my piping ceased as I was drafted into the U.S. Army, and on my honourable discharge, I joined the Metropolitan Police, Washington DC.
  • On my return to Scotland, I joined the City of Glasgow Police which led to me joining the City of Glasgow Police Pipe Band, reigniting my passion for piping again, under Pipe Major Ronald Lawrie. Later becoming Strathclyde Police Pipe Band under Pipe Major Iain MacLellan, who greatly influenced my March playing and his professionalism in light music competitions.
  • I taught at the College of Piping during my formative years with the City of Glasgow Police, teaching under Principal Seamus Mac Neil, Duncun Johnston, Pipe Major Angus Mac Donald (ex Scots Guard) and Angus Mac Lellan.
  • Throughout that period I was greatly influenced by Duncan Johnston with whom I became close friends. Pipe Major Jimmy Mac Gregor, Iain Mac Fadyen and Kenny Mac Donald along with various other top class pipers continued to influence me throughout my Piping career, though not as a competing Piper.